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"What would be of life, if we did not have the courage to try something new?"

-Vincent Van Gogh

Innovation is creating new concepts, new value spaces and it is often originated from simple people ideas. People, you, me, us, are one of the main levers of change towards innovation. The main source of innovation is human capital.

At Globalvia we are going to transform new ideas, innovation, into value for the entire society, our shareholders and our concessions.

After many years improving our processes as an agent of social change and the experience of our users, we want to go one step further and share globally our know-how and innovation with the entire ecosystem. An ecosystem that encourages open innovation, the exchange of ideas and the generation of new mobility paradigms.

For this reason, we have created this new channel for the exchange of information and conversations between us and our stakeholders. A communication tool where we can disseminate our vision, foster new perspectives, promote change and debate the challenges of the future.

Here we will deal with issues such as innovation, mobility, sustainability, new technologies, as well as opinion articles. We have created something new: this blog is born by and for you, for us, for you, for everyone.

Ideas to shape mobility