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We look after our people
At Globalvia we encourage a working culture where health and safety come first.
Therefore, our policy is based on principles and values that guarantee full integration of accident prevention in all areas of our activity.
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We provide all our employees with protective equipment and periodical specialized safety training courses.
We monitor the health of our employees through periodic medical check-ups.
Additional objectives and measures that favor healthy habits among the members of our organization.

Strict compliance with current legislation

We guarantee that there is full commitment to complying with and respecting current health and safety regulations in our Companies. Additionally, we involve all our suppliers, users, collaborators and other groups of interest who interact with us in our daily work.

For a risk-free environment

We are committed to integrating the very highest national and international occupational hazard prevention standards and we establish all the tools and resources necessary to perform regular, constant follow-up at all our Companies in order to prevent and avoid incidents. We are ISO 45001 “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems” certified, an international standard that serves as a guide to proactively provide a safe, healthy workplace for our employees and third parties, to prevent accidents and workplace-related health and safety problems.
Through the implementation of this standard, we guarantee fulfillment not only with the legally applicable requirements according to the jurisdictions where we operate, but others that we voluntarily take on board.

Likewise, at Globalvia we work to achieve continuous improvement of our occupational health and safety services, and participation and consultation with all our employees in regard to the prevention of workplace hazards.