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How we are

Our essence

We help to improve people’s lives by connecting them with all their possibilities through transport infrastructures and mobility solutions.

We are your travelling partners. We work hard to bring new opportunities and to build bridges joining over 250 million users each year.

Our team of over 28,000 professionals is committed to improving the quality of life and development of society at large, whilst respecting the very highest standards of performance and remaining true to our values.

Our mission and vision

Our MISSION is to create long-term value for our stakeholders by operating and investing in sustainable transport infrastructure and mobility services.

For that purpose, we move forward day by day inspired by our VISION to improve mobility globally for the wellbeing of society.


We deliver on our promises. Our actions are aligned with our goals and we boldly face up to the challenge of working day in and day out to achieve a free moving world.


We are an open, expert team, with inquisitiveness as our standard. We believe in the value of shared knowledge and the power of trial and error as guides for learning and growth.


We are a company which is committed to finding solutions that add value. We have the talent and the attitude required to exceed the expectations that others have in us. We strive to offer what other people really need every day.


We see the present and look to the future while enthusiastically facing our daily challenges, ready to “give it all” to meet the needs of our users and customers.