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Climate Action and Energy Transition
Globalvia wants to be ready to deal with the new challenges and risks stemming from climate change. We are therefore working to actively contribute to the transition toward a low-carbon economy and to boost the resilience of the infrastructures we operate, implementing mitigation objectives and adapting to climate change.

Our Sustainability Plan, namely SustaiMobility 2024, includes the fight against climate change, “Infrastructure to mitigate climate change”, as one of its four strategic lines, in which the content of our ambitious climate action and emissions reduction plan is further developed.

climate action

We promote continuous improvement

TCFD is an initiative that develops voluntary recommendations on the valuation and disclosure of the financial impact of climate change, increasing the transparency on climate related risks and the opportunities to promote better informed financial decision-making. Consequently, in April 2021 we announced our support for the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), committing to integrate its recommendations and to include financial impacts of climate change risks in our public management reports.

Science Based Targets initiative

At Globalvia we aspire to be a company that takes ambitious action against climate change. With this objective, in December 2020 we adhered to the SBTi initiative, committing to establish science-based objectives to reduce emissions over the coming years. This way, Globalvia helps to achieve the transition toward a low-carbon economy and to keep global temperature increase below 2ºC.

Carbon Footprint

At Globalvia we are working to reduce our direct and indirect emissions, and we calculate our Carbon Footprint for scopes 1, 2 and 3 in accordance with the International GHG Protocol methodology. This calculation is the first step in our climate strategy to establish an emissions reduction plan, to identify priority action and to achieve our carbon-neutral objective.

Towards Carbon Neutrality: #ourwaytozero challenge!

At Globalvia we have committed to be Carbon Neutral by 2024. To this end, we calculate our Carbon Footprint, we reduce our emissions by promoting and implementing energy efficiency measures at our facilities and in our operations, we prioritize the use of renewable energy and we implement carbon offset programs to neutralize any emissions that we have been unable to reduce or eliminate.

In 2023, Globalvia offset 1,950 tCO2eq,  through the United Nations Carbon Offset programs in the framework of the Climate Change Clean Development Mechanism. The chosen programs are two biomass generation plants in the area of influence of our Chilean highways.

reduction in our GHG emissions in own operations (2022-2023)
energy consumed in 2023 from renewable origin
tCO2e offset
Carbon neutral Companies