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Diversity and Inclusion

D&I, what are we talking about?

DIVERSITY is a broad range of characteristics, experiences, and backgrounds that make individuals unique. These characteristics may include, among others, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, and education. Diversity acknowledges that each person is unique and valuable.

INCLUSION implies promoting the participation of all individuals by celebrating their individual characteristics. It involves fostering equal opportunities so that everyone within an organization feels welcome and can contribute meaningfully without having to give up any of their characteristics.




At Globalvia, we want everyone to feel this way.

Why is diversity important for Globalvia?

Reflection of society

Because we want to be a reflection of the society we aim to move, connecting it with its possibilities.

Commitment to our people

Because we are excited about having everyone at Globalvia feel invited to be who they want to be.

Better solutions

Because we seek the best individuals to find the solutions our users need.

Our diversity pillars

To achieve this purpose we focus on five diversity pillars at Globalvia, through different actions:

Awareness Activities designed to increase awareness and understanding of diversity and the challenges faced by different communities to promote greater empathy and respect towards specific groups or situations.

Training and Development Training sessions from the various societies within the Group to address the 5 pillars of diversity at Globalvia and assist employees in becoming aware of biases and prejudices that operate in our daily lives.

Specific Actions and Commitments Specific commitments and measures outlined and updated in the various Equality Plans of the companies within the Group.


Five pillars

Different capacities

We promote the employment inclusion of individuals with functional diversity as part of our goal to nurture an inclusive culture, where each person can fully develop their potential.


We operate in a predominantly male-dominated environment, so we advocate for equal opportunities between women and men with the goal of increasing the presence of women at all levels of the organization, especially in leadership positions.


We want all societies within the Globalvia Group to be safe spaces for the LGBTIQ+ community, where every person feels free and secure to be authentic.


We encourage the creation of teams that integrate members from different generations, recognizing and valuing the individual contributions of each member.


We champion cultural diversity by promoting employment opportunities where we invite individuals of any nationality to participate, especially in the communities where we are present.

At Globalvia we want every person to feel welcome and be able to contribute fully without having to give up any of their characteristics, simply being themselves. Discover our commitments in this matter in our Globalvia Group Equality and Diversity Policy.

Our Diversity and Inclusion news

Why is it important to talk about Diversity and Inclusion in Companies?

Why is it important to talk about Diversity and Inclusion in Companies?

It is enough to take a look at the world around us to see that diversity is a fact, but that inclusion is a choice, a key component that we decide to add, or not, to the glasses through which we understand reality. At Globalvia we have always been an organization that...