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We understand sustainability as a fundamental part of our strategic vision, and an instrument to build a better world for future generations where mobility plays a fundamental role.

We work every day to innovate and provide the very best transport systems that promote sustainable mobility, guaranteeing the very highest standards of quality and a strong service commitment to our users.

Committed to this transformation, we integrate sustainability throughout all the processes comprising our value chain, focusing our activity on 4 lines and 16 objectives defined in our Strategic Sustainability Plan, SustaiMobility 2024.

sustainable mobility 1
sustainable mobility

Mobiltiy centered on our users

Boosting the most sustainable form of mobility and improving the quality of urban life through the best transport services and systems.
Infrastructure to mitigate climate change
Strengthening the resilience of the infrastructures we operate and actively contributing to mitigating and adapting to climate change.

CSR to support people, communities and diversity

Creating the highest positive impact on people and on communities, and promoting diversity and social inclusion.

Enforcing good governance in our relationships

Integrating sustainability in our corporate governance and reinforcing transparency and trust with and among our stakeholders.
Our sustainability strategy is fully aligned with our commitment to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals.
Within the 17 SDG comprising Agenda 2030, we have identified five that are priorities and strategic in our daily work:
Gender Equality
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Climate Action
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Sustainable cities and communities
Our sustainability news
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