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We present SustaiMobility 2024, our Strategic Sustainability Plan!

At Globalvia we want to be the engine of change that transport infrastructure and mobility services need to be more sustainable and resilient to climate change. As a result of this vision, we have developed SustaiMobility 2024, the Strategic Sustainability Plan for the entire Globalvia Group, which revolves around four strategic lines:

  • Mobility centered on our users
  • Infrastructure to mitigate climate change
  •  CSR to support people, communities and diversity
  • Enforcing Good Governance in our relationships

Likewise, these are divided into 16 mayor goals with defined specific actions for each of them.

SustaiMobility is an ambitious, real and transversal roadmap that covers the 2021-2024 time horizon and that has been possible thanks to the joint work of the different areas of Globalvia.

Infographic_SustaiMobility 2024

To ensure that our Group Companies and Corporation work in the right direction we have assigned for each of the defined actions a time horizon, as well as an area responsible for its compliance. In addition, a six-monthly monitoring of the progress of the Plan is carried out by the Sustainability Committee, which is reported annually to our Board of Directors.

After several months working on this project, we are ready to present SustaiMobility 2024 to the world! If you want to know more about our sustainability strategy for the coming years and everything we do in this area, we invite you to download SustaiMobilty 2024 HERE!

At Globalvia we want to promote the transformation to infrastructures and mobility services that become more sustainable, circular and climate-resilient day by day, all of this complying with the highest quality standards and the maximum commitment to all the users who trust us everyday.


SustaiMobility – Better infrastructures for sustainable mobility.

Changing the world together!