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Supreme Decree gives green light for Urban Section Project (Chile)

After several months’ intense work, a major milestone
has been reached in the Project to transform the urban sector of the Aconcagua motorway
(Route 5 North Chile).

This week the Supreme Decree
has been signed by the Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, marking the
beginning of the tendering and construction phase.

The signing of the Supreme Decree opens a new
stage for this major Project, which will involve continuing the technical work
with the six firms invited to tender after a prior prequalification process,
before then launching the process of awarding the contract and starting to
build in the second half of this year.

A total investment
of USD 215 M has been estimated, including civil works, tolling systems and
traffic management, and also considering the installation of a free-flow
TAG-based electronic payment system.

Conversion of the motorway section from standard to urban involves, among other
developments, widening the carriageways to four lanes over the first 4.5 km,
six new crossings, full continuity of the two-way service lanes in both
directions and building cycle paths and pedestrian walkways. 

Also included are security works at the motorway level, with continuous CCTV
surveillance over the whole sector. There will also be new service areas and an
emergency service.

Finally, the project includes modification of the
Lampa tolling area, which will have three free-low lanes with three
manual-payment booths to the sides, making it the first concession to change
its current tolling system to free flow.

The construction period will
be 28 months, with completion scheduled for late 2016.

Following the publication of the Supreme Decree,
the tendering firms have 75 days in which to submit their technical proposals
and financial bids.