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Metro de Sevilla kicks-off a photovoltaic park for self-consumption!

Our Metro de Sevilla Concession continues to add milestones in terms of sustainability with the start-up of a photovoltaic solar park for self-consumption! This project, whose investment reaches one million euros, will generate 15% of the energy consumed by the metro, which annually amounts to 13 million KWh.

The installation of this solar park began this November, when it will begin to produce energy and will end at the beginning of 2023, when it will supply all the power. For this project, Metro de Sevilla counts with the collaboration of the company Enèrgy VyM, which will be in charge of carrying out the installation and subsequent maintenance of the photovoltaic solar park.

An extensive park that will cover an area of ​​5,800 square meters, distributed on the roofs of the stations of Ciudad Expo and Cavaleri in the town of Mairena del Aljarafe, San Juan Alto and San Juan Bajo stations in San Juan de Aznalfarache, Blas Infante station, the sheds, the garage and the offices in the municipality of Seville and the stations of Pablo de Olavide and Olivar de Quintos in the municipality of Dos Hermanas.


Photovoltaic panels on the roof of Metro de Sevilla San Juan Alto station.

With the incorporation of the photovoltaic solar park for self-consumption, our metropolitan once again is a pioneer in terms of sustainability and takes a step forward in its climate commitment, in line with SustaiMobility 2024, the Strategic Sustainability Plan of the entire Globalvia Group. And the thing is that from now on, Metro de Sevilla will be able to produce part of the energy it consumes in its facilities, and that will also mean greater use of energy by reducing the losses associated with its distribution.

Since 2014 Metro de Sevilla has been working to optimize the use of electrical energy, being an example of efficiency by reducing consumption by 37% thanks to the renewal of equipment for others with more modern and efficient technologies and the application of best practices.

After this spectacular optimization in consumption, since 2015, all the electrical energy consumed by the metropolitan has originated from renewable energy sources and, since 2020, it is one of our 11 carbon neutral companies.

We keep adding milestones that show our sustainable commitment!