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Metro de Sevilla reaches its historical passenger record in 2023 with almost 20.5 million users

Metro de Sevilla has closed 2023 with very positive demand data, breaking its historical passenger record with 20.4 million users. A figure that represents an increase of 26% compared to 2022 and 20.18% compared to 2019, which, until now, was the record annual figure in the historical series. In this way, Seville Metro Line 1 leaves behind the 2020-2022 cycle, which was marked by the impact on demand of the Covid-19 health crisis.

Since its launch in April 2009, Metro de Sevilla has already accumulated more than 213 million users. As relevant data on demand during 2023, the last quarter of the year was the most favorable and 2 million monthly travelers were reached on four occasions during the months of April, October, November and December. The busiest day was April 23, April Fair Sunday, when 157,795 users used the Seville Metro for their trips.


The stations with the most traffic were Puerta Jerez, the most central of the route as it passes through the capital, San Bernardo and Nervión, while Olivar de Quintos, San Bernardo and Gran Plaza experienced an increase in traffic compared to 2022 data.

Also very positive, it is worth noting that the “Tap&Go” contactless bank card validation system has been used by almost 4 million travelers in 2023, 58.12% more than in 2022, a figure that has been constantly growing since its implementation to improve the travel experience which means being able to travel without needing to purchase a transport ticket and applying the best available rate.

An experience that is also improved by the different customer service channels provided by the metropolitan. Thus, the Customer Service Office has served a total of 57,459 users, 20.79% more than in 2022, through the multichannel system which includes: WhatsApp (53.32%), in-person service (33.81% of interactions), by telephone (9.32%), email (3.34%) and presentation of writings (0.20%).

Customer service through the WhatsApp channel, served by the ChatBot Telmo, which during the past year has also been integrated into the metropolitan website, is positioned as the preferred personalized service channel by users.

Congratulations to our Seville Metro team for this very positive balance of 2023. Let’s go for the new year!