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whistleblower channel

Consultation and Whistleblowing Channel

We help to improve the lives of the people we interact with, placing special emphasis on the welfare of our employees and third parties with whom we interact.

For that purpose we set up our Consultation and Whistleblowing Channel, an internal mechanism to raise queries related to the Code of Conduct and the internal regulations of Globalvia and report complaints related to incorrect conduct.

In order to blow the whistle and report such action, we have established a set of guidelines that will help achieve the welfare of all.

  • We do not accept false reports or accusations, since that would be unlawful, immoral and would not align with Globalvia’s values. If a report is proved to be false, we will take disciplinary measures.
  • We do accept anonymous complaints.
  • We will process all reports confidentially, ensuring the whistleblower’s identity is kept strictly secret. Their details will only be disclosed to Public Authorities if the report leads to an official investigation.

Reports will be managed by an external party, the OMBUDSMAN, who shall ensure the entire process is carried out properly.