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5 August, 2019

In Spain, August usually means summertime, i.e. holiday time.

On the other hand, Chile and Costa Rica enjoy this break in January and February.

It is the time for different noises and smells and other places.

It is the time to create shared memories which will help us during the harsh winter days.

It is a necessary time.

Abraham Maslow classified sleeping as one of the basic human needs, in the same category as drinking and breathing. Our holidays should also be in that category. We need to recharge our batteries and find ourselves once again.

We need to relax and disconnect. This will help our memory to store, rebuild and delete useless things so that our brain can be nourished with new stimuli. It is the time for curiosity or contemplation.

It is the time to let go, be carried away, decide what is useful and what is not, what we want to continue doing and what we want to start doing. To revitalise ourselves, maybe we can go hiking on a mountain trail or count the stars from a cove hidden among pine trees. Whether we are in Combarro, Alaior or Grazalema, Sarajevo or Mykonos, it is the time to define our resolutions. Why not? It is the time to not do anything so that we can be.

It is the time for sun, sea, sand and smiles.

It is the time to say: See you in September!

María Porta FerrerCommunication, Talent and CSR Manager