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28 March, 2022
From Tranvía de Parlo to the Oscars!

Yesterday the 94th edition of the Oscar Awards was held, an event long awaited for film lovers and, especially this year, a special edition for our colleagues from Tranvía de Parla, we’ll tell you why!

Last December 2019, we received the visit of the Production Director Susan Béjar, to propose the shooting of a short film inside one of our trams. It was a proposal for the Spanish short film “Distancias”. Both the team and the script transmitted to us so much professionalism and enthusiasm that the project went ahead, that even with all the inconveniences that came our way, we did not hesitate to accept the challenge!

The first of them arose when we were asked to adapt a fixed three-seater seat with 4 legs, immediately our maintenance team led by Tomás Perez got down to work to design and achieve the objective. Another challenge had to do with the shooting times, since we had to adapt to be able to shoot part of the short film on the rail yard, where we keep the trams, and the other part of the filming in motion, to do it during non-business hours with the help of one of our drivers David Salvador.

Ana Villa during the recording of one of the scenes on the Parla Tram

Ana Villa during the recording of one of the scenes in Tranvía de Parla

The filming was carried out in our facilities, so our training room became a provisioning place and we prepared different separated spaces with screens to serve as changing rooms. On the other hand, the toilets that we have on the first floor were converted into a make-up room where all the actors passed before going on stage.

Eduardo Rejón, before going on stage

Eduardo Rejón, before going on stage

While the filming lasted, both Luce Padilla, Head of the Central Control Post, and Antonia Antero, Head of Parla Tram Customer Service, took the opportunity to meet the main actors Eduardo Rejón and Ana Villa, among the more than 40 extras who stayed with us until the end.

On February 8, we received the news that the short film “Distancias” had been nominated for the Oscars in the “Best Live Action Short Film” nomination, an award that has finally been awarded to the short film “The Long Goodbye” by Riz Ahmed. Even so, our colleagues from Tranvía de Parla have loved participating in this experience and, above all, have contributed their bit to help transmit a message as powerful as that of this short film, which we invite you all to watch carefully and reflect on it:

“Sometimes, on the subway, someone who looks crazy comes in, and a vacuum begins to create around them. But what if instead of walking away, you chose to treat it normally? Perhaps you would discover that inside it lives someone who was once sane. Or maybe you would discover, that deep down, we are all crazy”.

We share the trailer for “Distancias” and we encourage you to download it on ITunes and, soon on Movistar.