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3 December, 2021
At Globalvia we join the International Day of Persons with Disabilities!

On December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrated with the aim of promoting the rights and well-being of people with disabilities in all areas of society, as well as raising awareness about their situation in all aspects of life.

Every year at Globalvia we join this cause through different formulas with the intention of supporting this group and giving it the visibility and importance it deserves so much.

How do we do it? About us? We will tell you!

At Globalvia we help improve people’s lives by connecting them with all their possibilities through transport infrastructures and mobility solutions. We are fellow travelers, we work hard to provide new opportunities and build bridges to our more than 250 million users a year. We are a team of 2,000 professionals committed to improving the quality of life and the development of society while respecting the highest standards and being guided by our values.

Therefore, we are aware that our activity depends to a large extent on society and our stakeholders and, therefore, we work every day to give back to society what we perceive from it and to generate a positive impact on communities that coexist in the environments where we operate.

With this objective, each social action that we carry out has a high involvement on the part of all the people who make up this company and we rely on the experience, values ​​and good work of other non-profit entities to channel our resources and guide our initiatives. Therefore, we actively collaborate with social entities, foundations and NGOs to support the most vulnerable and needy groups.

Framed in this practice, diversity and inclusion are key aspects for us that we give priority to when selecting projects and groups with which to collaborate. Among these groups, people with intellectual disabilities is one of the most strategic for us and, for many years, we have worked hand in hand with entities whose main social objective is to help, accompany and integrate these people in the world.

In 2013 we began our relationship with the A LA PAR Foundation, an entity that helped us incorporate a person with intellectual disabilities into our Madrid team and who, to this day, continues to be linked to the workforce thanks to their learning and adaptation, as well as the accompaniment received by all our colleagues. In addition, that same year, we began our support for their CAMPVS project, an educational center for people with intellectual disabilities that aims to help in the professional training and employability of this group.

A few years later, in 2017, we decided to go one step further and began our collaboration with the PRODIS Foundation and its Special Employment Center with the aim of reinforcing the labor and social integration of people with intellectual disabilities, providing them with decent and paid work.

In addition, we try to channel through these two non-profit entities, together with others with similar values ​​and social objectives, all those needs that arise in our daily operations, all with the aim of generating employment for these people. An example of this is the contracting of services that are carried out from the workshops of the employment centers, such as stationery and merchandising articles, decoration of kitchenware, baby baskets or Christmas baskets. This simple practice, but at the same time, so essential and extraordinary, we replicate it in all our Concessions in the seven countries where we operate.

Finally, it is important to mention our support for the communication campaigns that the ADECCO Foundation launches every year on December 3 in order to raise awareness, sensitize and show disability as a reality that accompanies us throughout society.

decco Foundation_Disability_Globalvia

Banner designed by the Adecco Foundation for their campaign “Save a sceptic”

At Globalvia we accompany and support people with disabilities who are an essential piece to achieve a better world for everyone!

Isabel Fernández Lázaro

Communication and CSR Analyst