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We start a new collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases, within the framework of our CSR project, “Contigo, 1=2”

Corporate Social Responsibility is part of Globalvia’s DNA and with the premise that it would also form part of the DNA of all our employees, in 2013 we launched  “Contigo, 1=2” project at Globalvia Madrid.

This is our emblematic CSR project, in which our employees stand out as protagonists from start to end, by proposing and choosing the social entity with which they want us to collaborate together over the next two years. Thus, at the end of each month, our employees decide the amount with which they want to contribute to social cause jointly chosen, and, from Globalvia, we replicate that amount.

With the arrival of the fifth edition of our solidarity project this January, we are very excited to announce our collaboration with the Foundation of the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER Foundation). Thanks to it, from Globalvia Madrid we will help improve the living conditions of people with rare diseases or in search of a diagnosis, allocating our monthly contributions for the next two years to research into rare diseases.

FEDER and Globalvia join forces

The FEDER Foundation for Research was established in 2006 with the aim of contributing to the development and improvement of the living conditions of people with rare diseases or in search of a diagnosis, through three key pillars: dissemination and awareness of the importance of research, support for research projects promoted by the associative fabric and the establishment of synergies to promote the participation and role of patients in the research process.

Historically, FEDER has insisted on the need to invest in science as a formula to respond to the difficulties of diagnosing and treating rare diseases. And it is that, only 20% of the thousands of rare diseases that exist are being investigated.

Juan Carrión, President of FEDER and its Foundation, wanted to thank this fundamental support and emphasize that research means hope for the more than 3 million people who live with a rare disease or are seeking a diagnosis.A patient with a rare disease waits an average of 4 years to obtain a diagnosis, in 20% of cases it takes 10 or more years to achieve the proper diagnosis and this has a very negative impact on people, who have none support or treatment and in many cases their illness is aggravated”, Carrión indicated. For this reason, he has also highlighted the importance of initiatives such as that of Globalvia, which, while obtaining valuable funds for research, also contribute to raising awareness in society.

In the words of Belén Castro, HR, Communication and CSR Director at Globalvia: “being able to lend our support to this collective through our emblematic CSR project “Contigo, 1=2”, in which our employees play a leading role from the beginning to the end, allows us to continue advancing in our purpose of achieving, together, a better society for all, improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable groups. We are very excited to be part of rare disease research and we hope that our help to FEDER over the next two years will serve to achieve very positive results in this field”.


 At Globalvia we understand Sustainability as a fundamental part of our strategic vision and an instrument to build a better world for future generations, where mobility plays a fundamental role.


Our goal is to continue growing together.

Globalvia – Changing the world together!