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We move forward in the development of connected roads with the NeoRoads by Openvia initiative on Pocahontas Parkway!!

On June 7th and coinciding with the celebration of a new edition of the South Summit, -a benchmark event for innovation and international entrepreneurship- our technology platform, Openvia, will officially present NeoRoads, the initiative for digitizing road infrastructures.

NeoRoads will offer a set of digital services that will be gradually applied on highways and will take advantage of the connectivity between infrastructure and vehicles.

Thanks to new forms of connectivity, such as 5G, all road users (both drivers and passengers, as well as road workers and emergency services) will be able to communicate and interact with each other and the infrastructure itself.


This will make it easier for information to be shared instantly, allowing any relevant incident or event to be known instantly and even detected in advance and notified to drivers. This will enable better decisions to be made and will increase security when traveling on the road.

As part of this initial phase, Pocahontas Parkway will become the first stage for NeoRoads deployment in the United States. The first validation tests aim to make Pocahontas Parkway a benchmark for a connected highway worldwide. Specifically, different use cases will be tested and validated, including new services to provide road safety information, services associated with the needs of the connected vehicle and improvements in infrastructure operation and maintenance processes.

NeoRoads aspires to be one of the most advanced solutions on the market for the connected vehicle and infrastructure ecosystem. Our goal is to bring the future of road mobility to the present, create a collaborative environment open to partners and add value through innovation and technology.

We keep moving forward together to make #IntelligentRoads a reality!