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We join the Jobs for Women program by the Adecco Foundation!

As part of our commitment to equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion, at Globalvia Madrid we regularly collaborate with the Adecco Foundation, supporting them in their mission to help the most vulnerable people in society to find work and improve their situations.

In line with this commitment, earlier this year we decided to join the Jobs for Women Program by the Adecco Foundation, to help 300 vulnerable women on their road toward job inclusion. More specifically, this program aims to accompany, advise and provide these women, who are or have been victims of gender violence, human trafficking, single mothers, and other women in situations of risk of social exclusion, with specific training through participation in training sessions and employment schools.


Fuente: Fundación Adecco.

At the same time, as we are a part of the program and as a company, our goal is to draw closer to these women, to break down prejudices, to create inclusive spaces and to ensure job inclusion of women at risk of social exclusion. In order to achieve this, in addition to our financial contribution to the program, over the year we will have the chance to work as volunteers in different awareness and training actions, and also at vocational and job training workshops, to directly help these women to find work. Furthermore, we will have access to the job exchange for the women on the program, and in collaboration with the Foundation, we are delivering two training sessions for our teams, on of them on unconscious biases and the other on gender violence awareness.

Having a job makes us less vulnerable, and therefore we are pleased to be a part of this new program helping 300 women at risk of social exclusion on their roads to employment. 

Changing the world together!