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We join REDI to reinforce our commitment to LGBTI diversity and inclusion

We advance in our commitment to diversity and inclusion in all its areas, and we join the Business Network for LGBTI Inclusion and Diversity! REDI is an association, of which more than 200 associated companies are already part, which contributes to a more respectful Spanish society by promoting non-discrimination, equal opportunities, and tolerance.


At Globalvia we have always opted for equal opportunities in all areas and we work in this direction, which aims to leave no one behind. However, we have recently detected the need to reinforce our commitment in this area, paying particular attention to recognizing and giving visibility to the LGBTI community. Some data reflected in the study “LGBT Diversity in the Labor Context in Spain” convince us of this need:

  • Talking about LGBTI diversity in companies matters: in those companies where there are programs, referring to LGTBI diversity, the percentage of people out of the closet is 56%, compared to 36% in those where it does not exist.
  • Only 38% of LGBT people are completely out of the closet in their jobs, compared to 56% who do make their sexual orientation and gender identity fully visible in their private lives.
  • 58% of the LGBTI people surveyed indicated wanting to keep their personal lives outside of work as the leading cause of not being visible, which could be considered as a naturalization/justification of discrimination that, in fact, means not being able to openly share relevant data of personal life for fear of certain consequences.


Belén Castro collects the welcome diploma to REDI

Belén Castro collects the welcome diploma to REDI


For all this, last Friday, June 23, we formalized our adhesion to REDI in an event in which Belén Castro, Director of HR, Communication, and CSR at Globalvia, was in charge of receiving the welcome diploma. An extraordinary event in which the 5th anniversary of this business network, under the theme “The triumph of diversity”,  was celebrated and during which the new associated companies were presented. The day featured engaging presentations by those responsible for DEI (diversity and inclusion) from several large companies and a final discussion with testimonials from people from the LGBTI community who have shared their personal experiences with the public.


We keep learning and working so that all the people who make up Globalvia find a safe workplace where they can be themselves!