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We attend the ALE-HOP project demonstration flight with Bluenest powered by Globalvia

On Tuesday, July 18, we witnessed a significant milestone in the advancement and development of advanced air mobility in our country. We attended the demonstration flight of our Bluenest powered by Globalvia logistics drone, part of the ALE-HOP project, Emergency Aero Logistics for Hospitals and Public Organizations, at the Hospital de Cantoblanco, belonging to the Hospital de La Paz complex.

ALE-HOP is an ambitious and innovative project that arises as a result of the joint effort of a consortium led by leading companies, including our brand Bluenest by Globalvia, CITET, Centro Español de Logística (CEL), NTT Data and Cloud District, in partnership with Hospital de la Paz.


Family photo of the partners of the ALE-HOP project.

ALE-HOP addresses its efforts to investigate the feasibility and advantages of air transport with drones in urban environments, focusing primarily on its application in emergencies and health services.

During the session, after a joint presentation by the consortium members to explain the project, the attendees could witness a demonstrative finale with a drone flight with cargo, which departed

From the Cantoblanco Hospital, and successfully flew over the Valdelatas Forest, transporting an urgent medical kit and landing precisely in the defined area where the box office for receiving the shipment was located.

In addition, there was a demonstration of the operation of the lockers (smart lockers), which have an interface for opening, loading, and automated weighing. Thus, the attendees were able to see first-hand how the interaction between the hospital staff that sends and receives the medical supplies with the lockers will be through the developed mobile application, which distinguishes between users with access to the logistics system, shipments (allowing them to be managed and their status known) and lockers associated with shipments.


Our logistic drone transporting the medical kit during the demonstration flight.

After this first milestone, a second phase of this project is planned, which seeks to implement lockers and emergency routes authorized by AESA for automated flights with ground support infrastructure, thus making it possible to offer uninterrupted services without direct manual intervention, which will be reserved only for specific situations.


Congratulations to our Bluenest powered by Globalvia team for this important milestone for Urban Air Mobility and emergency air logistics!