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Tranvía de Parla reached five million users in 2016

Tranvía de Parla, raylway concession managed by Globalviacontinues, for one more year, with the positive trend of the last five years regarding the number of passengers.

At the close of 2016, Tranvía de Parla had reached the record of 5,469,233 travelers.This figure supposes a 12,11% increase of passengers in comparison to the previous year 2015.

The year 2016 has been a very positive year for the concession, beating historic record of monthly validations.

In 2016 May, 502.678 users were reached exceeding thisfigure in November with 515.307 passengers transported in a month.

Since Tranvía de Parla was inaugurated has radically improved the mobility of the city, connecting  the center of Parla with different interest points of the city, with new urban developments and the C4 line of commuter train.

Tranvía de Parla makes a circular route along the city of 8,3 Km with 15 available stops. Thanks to its complete network, million of passengers choose the Parla tram to make their commutes.