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The #OpenviaChallenges are here, our first open innovation program to solve four business challenges!

Openvia by Globalvia, our technology and innovation platform, launches the #OpenviaChallenges today, February 17! This is our first international open innovation program, to find the best entrepreneurial talent with whom to co-create and develop technological solutions in the transport infrastructure and mobility sector that add value to society.

Through this open innovation program aimed at startups and emerging companies, we seek to find solutions to four challenges that have been previously identified jointly by the Globalvia and Openvia teams in our main lines of business:

  • Challenge 1 >> Real-time incident resolution >> Iberia: How can we alleviate the lack of real-time information to efficiently and effectively provide solutions for highway incidents in a scalable way?
  • Challenge 2 >> Automatic train maintenance >> Railways: How can we optimize the train maintenance overhaul and inspection processes automatically?
  • Challenge 3 >> User response optimization>> Chile: Frictionless queries:  How can we simplify and streamline user request responses? 
  • Challenge 4>> Slope safety >> Costa Rica: How can we implement an early and cost-effective slope monitoring  & warning system?

To choose the finalist startups, Openvia will prioritize and value those disruptive and innovative solutions that improve operational security, real-time information, review and inspection processes, automation and optimization in real-time response to users.

The participants chosen for this program will have the opportunity to develop a pilot project in a real environment, receive support from the specialized teams of Globalvia and Openvia during the whole process, develop and scale their model, and eventually present it to a network of experts from different countries during the celebration of a Startup Day, thus boosting the growth of their business.

For this, all the actors of the innovative ecosystem interested in taking part of these challanges, will be able to sign in the programm until April 8, thourgh Openvia’s website. 

Are you ready to change the world of mobility and transport infrastructure?

We are waiting for you, sign up for the #OpenviaChallenges HERE!