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The intelligent post-payment service arrives at Metro de Sevilla with the deployment of the second phase of Tap&Go

Coinciding with the European Mobility Week and with the return of activity after the summer,  Metro de Sevilla is rolling out the second phase of the Tap&Go system! In this way, our railway concession becomes the first Spanish metro with intelligent post-payment and it is that the new functionality of this system allows registered users to make a single payment at the end of the month based on the trips they have made by applying the best rate available.

This new milestone happens just one year after the official presentation of Tap&Go, which made Metro de Sevilla the first Spanish subway in allowing the validation and payment of trips with a contactless bank card, without the need to purchase tickets from vending machines.

Advertising on the recharging and ticketing machines at the stations of Metro de Sevilla to attract new users.


With this new “registered user” functionality, Metro de Sevilla traveler accesses an intelligent post-payment system that offers the following additional advantages:

  • The payment of the trips is made at the end of the month, instead of applying a daily charge.
  • The best available rate is applied based on the use made by the users throughout the calendar month. This will allow the access through Tap&Go to the Bonoplus45 rate, much cheaper than that of Bonometro and without assuming the risk of paying in advance and that the 45 trips are not consumed within the 30-day period.
  • Possibility of consulting the history of trips and payments made with total transparency for the user.
  •  Access to  special promotions.

In this sense as a part of the promotional campaign, users who sign up for the Tap&Go system will have an additional 10% discount on all trips made until October 31, 2021.