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The authorities of the Government of Chile visit the works of the Vespucio Norte link

On May 16, the Vespucio Norte team received a visit from the Minister of Public Works, Jéssica López, and the General Secretary of Government, Camila Vallejo, who were able to check the progress of the construction project of the link between Vespucio Norte and Route 68 in Santiago de Chile.

Once operational in 2025, this link, whose construction is being financed by the Chilean Ministry of Public Works (MOP), will improve traffic fluidity and safety, benefiting users.

Specifically, this ambitious project includes the installation of 22 large beams, each weighing 42 tons and lengths varying between 35 and 45 meters, representing one of the most significant construction challenges due to its magnitude. The placement of these structures allows the creation of a “mill”, an innovative solution that replaces the traditional cloverleaf links with direct connections between highways, facilitating more fluid traffic without the need to reduce speed.

Las obras del enlace de Vespucio

Jorge Rivas (left) and Álvaro Hinojosa (right) together with the MOP authorities.

The works, which began in March 2022 and have reached 50% progress, are scheduled to progressively enable different sections throughout the year to normalize traffic in the sector. In addition, the project includes the expansion of the capacity of the express lanes and the local roads surrounding the Américo Vespucio axis, as well as the development of new green areas and the Serrano Park.

In the words of the Minister of Public Works, Jessica López: “This link is an example of how we can significantly improve roads, not only for drivers but also for the residents of the Pudahuel commune, who will enjoy better connectivity and new areas green”.

The mayor of Pudahuel, Ítalo Bravo, together with the Director of Concessions of the MOP, Juan Manuel Sánchez, the General Manager of Vespucio Norte, Álvaro Hinojosa and Jorge Rivas Director of Latam Highways of Globalvia, were also present at the inspection of the installation of the first four beams, highlighting the significant progress of the work and the commitment of all the teams involved.