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SBTi validates our targets to reduce carbon emissions!

After a rigorous process of reviewing the objectives presented, the international initiative SBTi -Science Based Targets Initiative- has validated our objectives for reducing carbon emissions. These objectives represent an ambitious commitment to achieve the decarbonisation of our business. Thus, the challenge is to reduce our scope 1+2 emissions by 42% (direct emissions from our activity) and 25% of scope 3 emissions (generated indirectly) by 2029.

Along these lines, SBTi is the main global collaboration project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2030 and fully by 2050. Its fundamental objective is to help companies to set ambitious emission reduction targets based on the latest advances in climate science.


The validation by SBTi of the objectives presented is the successful result of an important work that began in December 2020 after the signing of the commitment to adhere to the initiative by our CEO, Javier Pérez Fortea. Since then, our Sustainability team has worked on the analysis and definition of our reduction goals for 2029, considering at all times the available scientific and technological advances and the organization’s ability to implement them.

In addition, the approval of the objectives is an endorsement for Globalvia, since it is backed by SBTi experts and scientists, thus showing a high level of confidence in the proposed goals.

Carmen Arce, Head of Globalvia’s Sustainability and Climate Change Department, explained that “our participation in this initiative is the most transparent and responsible way to transform our business towards a low carbon future.”


This milestone demonstrates once again our great commitment to the fight against climate change and strengthens our path towards transport infrastructures and mobility services that are increasingly sustainable, circular and climate resilient.