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Ruta 27 is one of our most active concessions in sustainability!

Our Costa Rican concession Ruta 27 has always been one of our most involved assets in mitigating its environmental impact and in working daily to reach a more socially committed society.

Specifically, along the years, Ruta 27 has obtained several certifications that recognize its excellence and commitment in many areas: the ISO 14001 certifications for Environmental Management, ISO 9001 for Quality Management and ISO 45001 for Health and Safety at work. Furthermore, it also has obtained the seal “Esencial Costa Rica” and “Ecologic Blue Flag”.


From Globalvia, our solid commitment in promoting the energy efficiency of the highway as well as increasing the use of resources in favor of the environment, have led to the implementation of several measures and initiatives, thanks to which Ruta 27 becomes a more sustainable highway day by day, among them:

  • The use of a LED lighting system with time control technology to make the best use of natural light.
  • The installation of solar panels that supply energy to security cameras and toll stations, allowing great energy savings.
  • The existence of a rainwater collection system, that is reused for maintenance and cleaning tasks.
  • The collection and recycling of waste, with 20 tons being collected every month. Plastic waste becomes raw material for the manufacture of signposts. Meanwhile, the organic waste is converted into compost, thanks to the Ruta 27 composting system, which is then used in green areas and given to the employees themselves for their gardens.
  • The rescue of animals, promoted by the hand of the Santa Ana refuge and the Animal Hope Association.
  • Numerous reforestation and beach cleaning actions along the route.
  • The promotion of road safety and environmental protection in schools through the project “Soy Responsible” (I’m responsible).


Together we keep moving forward to our sustainable commitment!