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Ruta 27 (Costa Rica) and the Animal Rescue Association sign agreement to work together to rescue injured animals

The purpose of this Alliance is to give animals that
are injured in accidents on the Ruta 27 road to have the chance to live with

The Ruta 27 personnel will be mindful of animal rescue
issues to assure the appropriate first aid.  The animals will then be
taken into the custody of the Animal Rescue Association, where their recovery
can be supervised and arrangements made for their subsequent adoption.

“In some cases we’ve seen how an animal has been run
over and people just kept going as if nothing had happened.  What we seek is to instil awareness among the
public that although they cannot be expected to be responsible for what has happened,
they should at least inform us so that we can take the appropriate action,”
Gastón Oróstegui, Ruta 27’s Managing Director, explained.

The concessionaire has made available to road users
its control-centre line so they can report any injured animals on the road.