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Road Safety meeting with Jean Todt, UN Special Ambassador

On October 23, our colleagues from Globalvia Madrid, Pablo Pajares, Construction and Operations Director and Isidoro Toledano, Operations Manager, received a very special guest, Jean Todt,  UN Special Ambassador for Road Safety and president of the FIA (International Automobile Federation).

Seizing the opportunity offered by the visit of the ambassador to the Spanish capital, our colleagues had the chance to present all the Safety Road actions that Globalvia has been implementing during the last years and the ones that are being carried out at the moment in our Concessions.

During the meeting, Mr. Todt showed interest in getting to know how from Globalvia, we support the surveillance and operation activities in our highways.

Likewise, during the meeting, the ambassador exposed the firm commitment of the UN to reduce by half the number of deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents in the world by 2030, a goal framed within the SDGs.

He also presented some UN projects to achieve this end, inviting us to keep cooperating in those countries where Globalvia is present, in order to reduce accidents and victims on the roads. Without any doubt, an objective with which we are firmly aligned at Globalvia and in which we work daily to guarantee and promote the safety of all our users.

We thank our colleagues for such an interesting meeting and all the colleagues for their daily work in favor of Road Safety.