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Openvia Air lands with the passenger dron at DRONExpo!

This week Openvia Air has been the sponsor and star player at DRONExpo 2022, the Professional Fair of Platforms and Applications for Unmanned Systems held at the Crystal Pavilion in Madrid on May 11 and 12.

It is the main meeting for professionals specialized in drones and their applications, custom designed for the Spanish industry, integrating all subsectors with the aim of presenting the latest developments in the sector, finding opportunities for collaboration between companies and with administrations and being at the forefront in information about the unmanned technological future.

Congress where Openvia Air and the passenger drone have been the focus of all eyes!

Openvia Air_Dronexpo

Openvia Air stand at DRONExpo event


Gema Ferrero, Manager of Openvia Air, has participated in the panel “UAM – Urban Air Mobility: tomorrow is closer” together with Federico Jiménez de Parga, General Coordinator of Mobility of the Madrid City Council, Victoria Jing Xiang, CEO Spain and LATAM Ehang, and Efrén Díaz, Head of the Area of ​​Technology and Space Law at Bufete Más y Calvet.


Gemma Ferrero_Gerente Openvia Air

Gemma Ferrero, Managing Director of Openvia Air during her presentation


Gema has highlighted our commitment to urban air mobility and, specifically, our interest in promoting vertiport infrastructure.

Thanks to her intervention, the striking stand with our passenger drone and the big videowall and our team made up of Isidoro Toledano, Isabel Fernández and Rafael Higuera, we have positioned Openvia Air in this disruptive ecosystem.


Openvia Air, conquering the third dimension!