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Metro de Sevilla stars once again in the prestigious Global Light Rail Awards 2023

On October 4, a new awards ceremony for the prestigious Global Light Rail Awards was held in London. Every year, these awards recognize the best practices and initiatives of the railway industry internationally and, in this new edition, our Seville Metro concession has been the winner in the “Best Environmental and Sustainability Initiative” category.

The jury considered that our Concession Metro de Sevilla deserved recognition this year for being a pioneer in building a photovoltaic solar park for self-consumption that produces almost 2 million kWh annually, supplying energy to both trains and stations and contributing 15% of the total energy consumed annually by the metropolitan area.


Some colleagues from Metro de Sevilla and Globalvia during the awards ceremony

This project constitutes a milestone in the rail public transport sector and is an important advance in both the sustainable consumption strategy of Metro de Sevilla, aligned with SustaiMobility, our Strategic Sustainability Plan with a horizon of 2024, as well as with the “Green Revolution” strategy. A strategy led at the national level by the Junta de Andalucía and which, among other things, promotes the use of renewable energies in the public and private spheres.

This is not the first time that Metro de Sevilla has been the protagonist of these prestigious awards for railway excellence and innovation. Thus, in previous editions, Metro de Sevilla has received mentions and awards at the Global Light Rail Awards for its Intelligent Postpaid System, for its real-time information system on environmental conditions inside trains and for its efforts to improve the quality of customer service.

Once again, we congratulate our Metro de Sevilla team for this new recognition that once again makes us the protagonists of this prestigious award!