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Metro de Sevilla breaks passenger record since its launch this Easter!

Our Concession, Metro de Sevilla, has reached a new milestone this Easter, having beaten its record number of passenger demand since its start-up.

Thus, with 737,537 travelers, the Easter 2023 special service is the one that has accumulated the most travelers since 2009. Demand has broken a record compared to previous years in four days of this special service, and on five occasions, daily figures have reached above 100,000 travelers. Overall, there has been an increase in demand of 31% compared to 2022 and 54% compared to 2019. Also, considering the previous days, the figure rises to 874,587 passengers transported from Friday of Dolores  (31st March) to Easter Sunday (9th April).

Thanks to the excellent work carried out by the concession team, Metro de Sevilla is able to offer special high-capacity transport services at key moments such as Easter, when a large number of people travel to the urban environment to enjoy the traditions and cultural wealth of Seville, which also concentrates a high tourist demand, with occupancy figures of 84%.

During this special Easter service, Metro de Sevilla has increased its transport offer by 70%, incorporating double trains into circulation during the busiest time slots, extending its regular hours until 02:00 in the morning, and offering uninterrupted service during the early hours of the morning from Thursday to Good Friday.

In addition to the registered demand figures, the special arrangement for Easter stands out for having passed normally and without notable incidents, facilitating the mobility of the thousands of people who have traveled through the city on these very important days.


We offer our most sincere congratulations to all the colleagues of Metro de Sevilla who, with their excellence and commitment, make this new record of which we feel very proud!