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Metro de Sevilla users can already check the air quality of the trains!

Metro de Sevilla continues innovating in order to offer the best service to its users! This time it does so to guarantee maximum passenger safety, thanks to the implementation of a system that permanently monitors in real time the level of air renewal inside the trains.

The ventilation systems of Metro de Sevilla comply with the constant air renewal, which is essential to eliminate the aerosols through which the coronavirus is transmitted. This, together with the use of masks, makes the risk of infection very low.

From now on, Metro de Sevilla users will be able to easily check the air quality of the trains where they travel. In order to do so they just have to scan a QR code that shows the CO2 concentration in real time as well as and indicator of air quality. In additon to this, the user will as well have available information on the train’s temperature and relative humidity This system allows as well for the staff of Metro de Sevilla to control in real time that the renewal air systems of all trains work correctly.

The implementation of this system, sums up to other measures that have alredy been deployed by Metro de Sevilla in the last months in order to increase travellers’ safety, such us the masks and hydrogel vending machines, the system for the stations’ occupancy control and Tap&Go, the contactless card validation and payment system.

The inauguration of this system, took place last Tuesday 9th of March in the station Ciudad Expo, during an event that was attended by Marifrán Carazo, Development, Infrastructure and Landscape Planning Counsellor, together with Daniel Quintero, Globalvia’s Railways Director and Jorge Maroto, General Manager of Metro de Sevilla. The counselor has highlighted the great effort of Metro de Sevilla in developing technological solutions, that will be key in order to recover normal rates of passengers’ demand once the sanitary Covid-19 crisis will slow down.