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Iryo’s new high-speed arrives to Seville!

On Thursday, March 30, iryo’s inaugural trip to Seville took place to celebrate the connection with Andalusia one day before the launch of its commercials.

This first trip has been made between the Madrid-Atocha Station and the Seville-Santa Justa Station, with a stop in Córdoba and was attended by institutional representatives, such as Isabel Mayo López, acting sub-delegate of the Government in Seville and Mario Muñoz-Atanet Sánchez, Deputy Minister of Development, Articulation of the Territory and Housing of the Junta de Andalucía, as well as representatives of various companies in the mobility and tourism sector.

Institutional photo upon arrival at the Seville-Santa Justa Station

Institutional photo upon arrival at the Seville-Santa Justa Station

Upon arrival in Seville, the red arrow was received by Antonio Muñoz, mayor of the Seville capital, who wanted to highlight that the new high-speed arrives in Andalusia coinciding with a large calendar of events of various kinds, a reality that as a whole will promote Andalusian tourism with the aim of continuing to improve the figures of the sector in 2023.

And it is that iryo arrives in Andalusia with the vocation of being a strategic partner in the socioeconomic development of the region and it is expected that in the coming years, the operator will transfer around 2,5 million passengers per year to Andalusia. To this end, iryo will start operations with four frequencies for Seville and Malaga with a stop in Córdoba, gradually increasing them until reaching twelve frequencies on the Madrid-Córdoba-Seville route and ten on the Madrid-Córdoba-Málaga route.

Daniel Quintero, Director of Railways, and Belén Castro, Director of HR, Communication, and CSR, attended this inaugural trip on behalf of Globalvia, in which the guests could enjoy iryo’s gastronomic offer during the journey and a concert upon arrival at the destination station.

One of iryo's cars upon arrival at the station

One of iryo’s cars upon arrival at the station

Since its launch in November 2022, iryo has already reached eight Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Valencia, Cuenca, Seville, Málaga, and Córdoba, to which Albacete, Alicante, and Tarragona will be added shortly.

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