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In Globalvia we are already part of the European EIT Urban Mobility initiative to transform urban mobility!

In Globalvia we keep adding alliances to promote the transformation of urban mobility with our adherence to the EIT Urban Mobility an initiative by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), and organism of the European Union. Concretely it emerged in 2019 with the aim of achieving positive changes in the way we move in cities and, thus, turning them into more livable spaces that place the citizen in the center.

For this, the EIT Urban Mobility aspires to create a participatory ecosystem that involves all those actors who can provide innovative and transformative solutions in cities in the urban mobility equation: private companies, public administration, educational institutions and, of course, the own citizens.

At Globalvia, we are aware of the challenges facing mobility today, such as the growth of urban populations, the demands for greater accessibility and safety or the need to improve the air quality of our cities, among others. That is why we want to join this ecosystem that is committed to innovation and new technologies as engines capable of solving real problems in cities, transporting people, goods and waste in a more efficient and intelligent way.

Source: EIT Urban Mobility

For this, and driven by our Innovation team, we join as partners within the Innovation Hub South based in Barcelona, thus joining the more than 85 partners that make up this alliance and among which the main companies, research and educational institutions and cities of Europe can be found. The joint action of the various actors that make up this alliance, providing experience in our different areas of specialization, by supporting dissemination and participation through the different innovation centers, are undoubtedly the key to the success of this European alliance that is committed to the transformation and innovation of our cities.

Our adhesion to EIT Urban Mobility, is undoubtedly a great opportunity to be present in this ecosystem and establish strategic relationships with public administrations, startups and other agents at both national and European level. In this way, we open new doors to continue generating ideas and making new mobility solutions a reality that make our cities more livable, efficient, sustainable places and whose dynamics revolve around the needs of citizens.

¡We keep working for a free moving world!

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