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Globalvia Ruta 27 has been awarded with the Country Brand “essential COSTA RICA”

Ruta 27, the Costa Rican concession managed by Globalvia, has been awarded with the Country Brand “essential COSTA RICA”, after a high-excellence-level valuation focused on planning, leadership, participation in value chains and y continuous improvement.

The evaluation process was carried out on November 2015 and it was overtaken by Ruta 27 thanks to the compliance of the Country Brand key values, which are known nationally and internationally: Excellence, Sustainability, Innovation, Social Progress y  Costa Rican Origin.

This distinction “essential COSTA RICA” seeks to position the country as a well-known place, apart from its natural beauty, for its high technological and innovational industry and its capacity of exporting high-quality products. All of this is possible thanks to the talent and entrepreneur spirit of its people.
It is a competitive tool focused on unifying the promotion efforts that the country does in the economical field including the investment attraction, the tourism encouragement and the exportations boost. It presents Costa Rica in an integral and differentiated way creating value before the eyes of the entire world.Thus, Globalvia Ruta 27 has become a company with this distinction together with 100 companies of this country which have obtained it since the Country Brand was born on September 2013.

Having the Country Brand means for us, on the one hand, an honor and, on the other hand, a huge responsibility because we have to keep working by following the highest quality standards”, said Gastón Oróstegui, Globalvia Ruta 27 General Manager.

As Gloriana Castro, Country Brand General Manager, said “Our Country Brand is a competition differentiator for the licensed companies due to the compliance of our five recognized values is necessary to obtain this use license. And Globalvia Ruta 27 reflects proudly this compliance.”