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Globalvia, Meep and Ayuntamiento de Sevilla launch Meep Sevilla by Globalvia, the first Mobility as a Service (Maas) application

The three entities aim to promote mobility as a service and promote the use of more sustainable and efficient means of transport to replace the private vehicle.

Globalvia and the Spanish startup Meep, specialized in the development of mobility solutions as a service (MaaS), with the collaboration of Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, through the Delegación de Gobernación y Fiestas Mayores, are promoting the Meep Sevilla by Globalvia project in Seville. Starting today, users can plan, book and pay for their routes with 2 fully integrated operators (Muving and Karhoo), being able to manage their trip from origin to destination without leaving the application, having the option to perform an instant reservation and pay through the App, reducing risks by avoiding the use of cash.

Users now have at their disposal in the Meep App all the information regarding five different modes of transport in the city, which will be progressively fully integrated. For the moment, they can already access all the information regarding stops, routes and times of the Seville Metro and TUSSAM buses, find out about nearby car parks through Parkimeter and check the availability of bicycles thanks to Sevici. They will also have the possibility to find the closest charging station in the case of driving an electric vehicle, through PlacetoPlug.

Likewise, they will be able to carry out the complete procedure and therefore plan, book and pay for their routes with 2 of the fully integrated operators (Muving and Karhoo), being able to manage their trip from origin to destination without leaving the application, by having the option to make an instant reservation and pay through the App, reducing risks by avoiding the use of cash. We are currently working with the taxi associations for the incorporation of the sector to this App including the payment of the service.

Thanks to the Meep Sevilla by Globalvia project, city transport will be available in the Meep App, both on iOS and Android, and represents a further step towards the expansion of mobility as a service in Spain. This consists of combining all the means of transport in a city in a single app with the aim of establishing more effective connections, increasing accessibility to the system and encouraging users to choose this more sustainable way of moving, instead of using their vehicle private.

For Fernando Vallejo, Innovation and Systems Director at Globalvia, “Collaboration between the various infrastructure and vehicle systems brings advantages to citizens due to new individual forms of transport, offering integrated solutions to solve any type of movement that you want to make. The digitization of mobility through multimodality operator platforms provides the Public Administrations with a wealth of data and very valuable indicators that allow a much better understanding and management of the functioning of cities”.

The objective is to collaborate to offer in a unified way the entire offer of mobility services to citizens with georeferenced information on public transport and shared mobility services attached to a platform that also allows ordering and streamlining the entire process from the design of a trip to the reservation or payment of the chosen means of transport“, explains the delegate of Gobernación y Fiestas Mayores, Juan Carlos Cabrera.

In this way it is possible to offer routes that already existed, but had never been connected before, promoting not only a more adapted mobility, but also a transport system in which the user is positioned in the center and their needs are raised as the maximum priority”, explains Guillermo Campoamor, CEO of Meep.

With regard to the functionalities that the user can enjoy in Seville, they will have the option of selecting their preferred route based on criteria of time, cost, sustainability or health. In this way, depending on the factor that prevails at each moment, you will have the possibility of choosing the most sustainable, quick, economical or efficient route. The process to access the routes is simple and intuitive, you just have to enter your point of origin and destination and the application will suggest different alternatives. Once the selection is made, Meep informs the user of all his steps in real time until he reaches his destination.

In this project, Meep has launched its cutting-edge technology, achieving the union of all the actors and the deployment in Seville has been possible thanks to the interest and trust of both public transport operators such as Metro de Sevilla or TUSSAM, as well as private operators. Likewise, Globalvia, together with the rest of the operators involved, is aware of the importance of promoting mobility as a service (MaaS) so that there are more and more cities in which both locals and tourists can experience mobility in a freer way , connected and respegctful with the environment.

Seville is aligned and committed to the ‘roadmap’ set by the United Nations and the European Commission for the transformation of urban models of traffic and transport, and converting them into sustainable, connected, shared and inclusive mobility systems, which decisively contribute to eliminating polluting emissions and to better enjoy public space.