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Globalvia launches the Smart45 project connecting the highway with the vehicles!

Globalvia officially launches the Smart45 project with the installation of the first 40 smart sensors on the M45 highway, Concession of Globalvia in Madrid, along a stretch of 200 meters of road.

The main objective is to improve road safety and facilitate driving through it, because in the first phase the sensors allow to identify the vehicles that pass through it and collect data of their movement, information that is sent in real time to both the highway control center and the user. This will allow to make faster decisions by the Concessionaire and to know the type of incident through the color of the sensor by users (for example; for congestion, accident or invasion of the lane by another vehicle).

In the last phase of the project, which is expected to last 2 years, Globalvia will collaborate with the CSIC to test the autonomous vehicle with a double objective: on the one hand, to detect the weaknesses shown by autonomous driving without connecting to the infrastructure and measuring to what extent the road can support this technological leap and, on the other, to test the vehicle-infrastructure communication, analyzing how it would improve driving.

For the development of this project, Globalvia has the collaboration of the Israeli start-up Valerann, recently awarded by the Consumer Technology Association as “Best product 2020” by the Smart Roads System, being the first time that it is tested in Spain in real conditions. Globalvia was present with Valerann at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month to present the project.

Thanks to the results obtained from this project, Globalvia will be able to have its infrastructures ready to allow an autonomous driving as soon as possible as this fact becomes a reality.