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Globalvia increases stake in Autoestrada Transmontana to 96% becoming main shareholder

Globalvia consolidates its position in Portugal, managing two of the most important concession assets in the country.

Following the acquisition from SDC Investimentos of 46% of Auto-Estradas XXI Subconcessionária Transmontana S.A., Globalvia has increased its stake to 96%.

The highway is located to the east of the city of Porto, between Vila Real and Bragança and is 194 km long operating under a mixed toll system. It came into service in 2013 for a term of 30 years.

Following this operation and the purchase on 16 February increasing its stake in Scutvias up to 55.55%, Globalvia now manages 392 km of highway in Portugal that handle traffic of 82 million vehicles a year.

As part of the policy of international expansion, in February 2017 Globalvia completed the purchase of 33.33% of Scutvias and last November acquired the Pocahontas Parkway in Richmond, Virginia opening to the USA market.