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Globalvia has started its collaboration with AUARA, a social company

“You drink, other people drink” is the motto of AUARA, brand of mineral water that invest the 100% dividends on bring drinking water to people who do not have access to it.

“Globalvia drinks, other people drink”. This is the reason why the company has started to collaborate with this social company regarding water supply through buying half-liter bottles.

AUARA is a weak mineralization type of Mineral Natural Water from Carrizal II Spring, León (Spain). Its mineral composition has own and steady features that can remain intact thanks to groundwater that is not subject to any chemical and thermal treatment.

However, the most important thing is not only the charity essence of AUARA but also everything it covers. From the bottles design that facilitates its transport and storage, the production with a 100% recycled plastic material until the accessibility thanks to a Braille system integrated in the bottle for blind people.

AUARA means, in amahárico, Ethiopian language: “Sandstorm in the desert”. In spite of water is the base of life, more than 700 millions of people all around the world have not access to safe water in their daily lives and more than 1.000 children die due to illnesses caused by consuming dirty water.

Globalvia is proud of joining AUARA project, with the aim of change a daily act such as drinking water into an extraordinary act such as try to reach a better world.