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Globalvia has started its collaboration with and Adelias Foundation

In March the collaboration between Globalvia and Adelias Foundation officially began.

Javier Pérez Fortea, CEO of Globalvia, and Samira Brigüech, President of the Adelias Foundation, met at the Headquarters of Globalvia and formalized the collaboration between both entities through the agreement signing.

The collaboration lies within the framework of a new edition of “Contigo 1=2” Globalvia’s Corporate Social Responsibility Project. This Project makes the employees the main players thanks to offer them the opportunity of suggest the entities to collaborate with and, then, to vote the favourite one among the options.

On this occasion, Adelias Foundation has been the best candidate for the two next years (2018/2019) and the collaboraion of Globalvia is destinated to its Children’s Hospital in Nador (Morocco).

The Adelias Foundation works on building children’s hospitals and schools with the intention of promoting progress and development.

In its 10 years of life, the Foundation has helped more than 9,000 children to recover their health or to have their disability diminished, to be educated and to have the opportunity to live more integrated in their families and in their community.

The financial contributions destined to the Children Hostpital in Nador come from the colleagues of Globalvia and are equalized by the Company (1=2). This place is equipped with technical and human resources and other specific such as food, clothing and medicines according to the needs of the children who live there before being adopted.