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Globalvia has sponsored an Informative Breakfast with the Ambassador of Chile in Spain

Today, Tuesday October 2, Globalvia has sponsored an Informative Breakfast with the Ambassador of Chile in Spain organized at the Palace Hotel in Madrid by Executive Forum.

Javier Martín Rivals, Globalvia Chief Investment, has been in charge of representing the Company and officially presenting the event, introducing then the Ambassador, Jorge Tagle.

During his speech, Martín Rivals has emphasized the great international success of Chile and the interest it arouses for Spanish companies due to the opportunities it presents. In this connection, Javier has highlighted the three fundamental pillars of the Chilean economy for foreign investment: demand, the strength and transparency of institutions and the ability of the financial market to support these investments. In addition, he has expressed the will of Globalvia to maintain and increase it presence in Chile, as well as to support and coordinate relations between Chilean institutions and Spanish companies.

Then, Tagle has explained the current state of the Chilean economy and presented his country as a safe investment destination and full of opportunities for Spanish companies. Thus, it has referred in particular to the companies that decided to internationalize and settle in this country before the challenges posed by the crisis of 2008. Looking to the future, he has referred to the need to bet on sustainable and inclusive growth and to maintain itself as an “open for business” country for Spanish companies, especially in sectors such as infrastructure.

For Globalvia, Chile is a benchmark country for its macro conditions, stability and important concessions market, among others. Currently, the company is present in Chile with three highways.