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Globalvia Chile and the General Directorate of Concessions promote a plan unprecedented in Chile to address the relationship with communities

One of the most important mandates promoted by the Chilean Ministry of Public Works towards concession companies and the private world is to exercise a new role with the communities and environments in which the concession projects in the country are located.

As part of this commitment, on July 31, our teams from Globalvia Chile, Autopista del Itata and Costa Arauco and the General Directorate of Concessions held the First meeting to strengthen participatory territorial management, institutional and community relations in projects and contracts of concession works.

This first day has brought together not only the representatives of the Concessionaire Companies and the DGC, but has also had the active participation of the Fiscal Inspections, Seremis of Public Works in Biobío and Ñuble. In this way, a convergence of perspectives and experiences has been achieved around the active incorporation of citizens for the design and execution of sectoral solutions.


During this first day, talks and workshops have been held to address issues that are the order of the day in the work carried out in the sector, such as the institutional framework of the General Directorate of Concessions, advances in sustainability and the participatory management model for works under concession. In addition, all attendees have been invited to reflect, debate and propose joint actions that improve performance in community relations interventions during the management of road and infrastructure projects.

This is undoubtedly a very important pioneering project for the country and our sector, which strategically positions us as key players before the MOP of Chile, which gives visibility to our commitment to ESG matters and which demonstrates once again the benefits that public-private collaboration offers. In the words of Jorge Rivas, Director of Latam Highways at Globalvia: “this activity will allow us to lay the foundations to create a model on how concessions and infrastructure projects constructively relate to the community throughout Chile.”

 We congratulate our Globalvia Chile teams for launching this initiative that we hope will crystallize in a positive impact in the communities near our assets.