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Globalvia and Real Madrid Foundation ratify its collaboration

The two collaboration agreements have improved and extended the activities of both schools in Chile and Costa Rica.


On March 7, a meeting between Globalvia and the Real Madrid Foundation was celebrated to strength their ties of commitment and collaboration.

The meeting was held in the old  Real Madrid’s Box at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and different authorities were present such as Enrique Sanchez, Executive VicePresident of Real Madrid Foundation and Julio Gonzalez Ronco, Managing Director of Real Madrid Foundation and on behalf of Globalvia, Belen Castro and Javier Martin Rivals.

The event involved the signing of a Ratification Protocol regarding the two cooperation agreements between both entities. These agreements were signed in support to the implementation and development of the Sociosporting Schools in Costa Rica and Chile, in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

In Costa Rica, thanks to the facilities offered by the Latin University, the project develops its work educating children in values from families under risk of social exclusion and granting also nutritional and health support.
Thanks to the collaboration of Globalvia there are more than 125 boys and girls of Guarari District participating in this project nowadays.

In Chile, thanks to the Union Española Chilean football club, the Amigos del Real Madrid Foundation, several authorities of communes in the area and specially Globalvia, the school supports today a total of 215 boys and girls between the ages 9 and 17 years.
Thanks to Globalvia’s collaboration, three years ago it was possible to duplicate the number of children and to expand the project to the female population, unlike previous years when only guys could participate.

Upon Ratification signing, the Real Madrid Foundation expressed its appreciation to Globalvia for its commitment and cooperation, without which these projects would not have the dimension they have today.

Globalvia, through Javier Martin Rivals and Belen Castro, emphasized the importance of developing this kind of projects that are strategic for the company allowing us “to give back to society  the part of what we get from it” and belonging to entities like Real Madrid, which are a guarantee of compliance, development, transparency and credibility. 

The event was also attended by children from the schools in Chile and Costa Rica who are enjoying a visit to Spain these days. On the occasion of this visit, two days ago a meeting took place in the Club’s Boardroom at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium where Florentino Perez, President of the Real Madrid Foundation and Real Madrid Football Club welcomed all people related to these projects including both delegations and Globalvia.

Globalvia, transport infrastructure management leader, organized also an entire visit to Tranvia de Parla, one of its Spanish railways. Thanks to this initiative, Globalvia could explain to the children how a sustainable transport works and the importance to manage it efectively.