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Unavailable reserve release

Global Vía Infraestructuras, S.A. (the Company) announced on 28 February 2017 the decision adopted by the Board of Directors to reduce shareholder capital of the company in €249.286.106,13 through the reduction of nominal value of shares. The objective of this reduction was to constitute a voluntary and available reserve in accordance with article 317 of the Spanish Corporation Law. This announcement was posted both on the company web and inscribed in the Mercantile Registry.

The Board of Directors held on 7 February 2019 has unanimously agreed to convert the non-available reserve of €249.286.106,13 into an available reserve. To that effect the company wishes to communicate this agreement in accordance with article 335 (c) of the Spanish Corporation Law.

Likewise, in compliance with articles 334 and 335 of the Spanish Corporation Law, the company wishes to note the right of all creditors to oppose to the aforementioned conversion of the non-available reserve into an available one. The creditors have a month time counting from the date of the announcement of the above-mentioned agreement to exercise this right.