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In Globalvia we join the Multimodal Mobility Manifesto!

Building together the future of sustainable, innovative and user-centered mobility.

Today, February 17, Connected Mobility Hub, an accelerator that supports and promotes startups that aspire to change the mobility paradigm with the digitization of the sector, has presented the Multimodal Mobility Manifesto (MMM) at a press conference in hybrid format. A Manifesto that collects and materializes the commitment of more than 20 mobility companies operating in Madrid and of the local administration to accelerate sustainability in the urban environment.

This Manifesto, of which Globalvia is a part together with companies such as Ferrovial, Santander, Seat, Renfe, Avanza, Alsa, Meep or Zity among others, arises from the need to create more resilient and healthy societies that place the person at the center, improving their quality of life through sustainable and safe mobility, all through innovation and collaboration.

In this sense, multimodal mobility emerges as a solution that responds to the needs of users at all times, placing public transport as the backbone and integrating the other mobility services and the necessary infrastructures so that all the actors involved interoperate effective way.

The presentation press conference counted with the intervention of representatives of companies such as Renfe, Ferrovial, Iberdrola, Seat and the public sector such as EMT, as well as the participation of Borja Carabante, Madrid City Council Mobility Delegate.

During this event, the challenges that multimodality poses to the administration in Madrid were addressed, and a round table was held during which the 10 levers of change that can accelerate the transition to the future of Multimodal Mobility were presented. Those levers will turn multimodality into a real alternative, that is, an accessible, convenient and safe service for citizens to move in a more sustainable and healthy way around the city, with replicable and scalable solutions to new contexts, that is, other cities.

This Manifesto shapes the first of the set of tractor projects encompassed within “”El Futuro de la Movilidad”” (The Future of Mobility), an initiative promoted by Connected Mobility Hub and its consulting and innovation arm, Moven, which through innovation and the collaboration of the entire ecosystem aims to respond to the great challenges that must be solved in order to accelerate the transition towards sustainable mobility.

From Globalvia through this Manifesto, we materialize our commitment to build together the future of mobility, innovative, sustainable and with the user at its core.

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