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Bluenest powered by Globalvia attends the official presentation of the EUREKA project, which will promote Advanced Air Mobility

On June 14, our Bluenest powered by Globalvia team attended the presentation ceremony of the EUREKA project, European Digital Sky, held at the Fiumicin airport in Rome.

EUREKA is a project to design the sky of the future, launched by a consortium of which 35 leading companies of the sector are a part, Lilium, Volocopter, Aena, Indra and Alliance for New Mobility Europe,   and with Eurocontrol at its head.

This project will be funded by funds from the Joint Undertaking, SESAR 3, an institutionalized European partnership between public and private sector partners, to accelerate the delivery of the European Digital Sky.

Bluenest by Globalvia_Proyecto EUREKA

An ambitious project in which all partners will work together until 2026 to shape the future of Urban Air Mobility and promote transformative advances in air transport, in accordance with the European Union roadmap.

In essence, the EUREKA project will focus on making Urban Air Mobility a reality by integrating vertiports into airspace, addressing the challenges of cities of tomorrow. To do this, EUREKA will focus on developing four essential solutions:

  • Management of arrivals/departures to/from vertiports, including route and trajectory planning
  • Collaborative management of vertiport traffic, optimizing resources and capacity allocation.
  • Management of interruptions and emergencies in vertiports, guaranteeing security in the face of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Operational, capacity, and flow management of the vertiport network, which will make coordination and efficient operation possible throughout the vertiport network.

EUREKA will be developed in close collaboration with AESA and other international authorities and organizations, thus contributing to the consolidation of standardization and regulatory requirements related to vertiports and UAM operations, and is expected to encourage early deployment of Air Mobility advanced.


We keep moving forward to shape the skies of the future!

Congratulations to our team for positioning us as key players in Advanced Air Mobility.