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At Globalvia we join [email protected], an educational innovation project promoted by Ayuda en Acción, in favor of our strategic SDGs

At Globalvia we are committed to generating the greatest positive and direct impact on society, promoting diversity, social inclusion and equal opportunities for all. This commitment is one of our four strategic lines in terms of Sustainability that guide our actions and that make us advance day by day along the best of roads.

Therefore, framed in this commitment and based on the fulfillment of the SDGs, in particular of our 5 strategic ones, we are very excited to present our collaboration with Ayuda en Acción. Thanks to it, the NGO will give continuity to the [email protected] initiative, an educational innovation project through which it works to reduce the dropout rate and break the digital divide among students with fewer opportunities. Within the framework of this alliance, it will also seek to improve the nutrition of children and adolescents in these areas through dining grants and healthy lunches.

Students of the [email protected] project.

With a contribution of € 30,000, at Globalvia we make this comprehensive project a reality, which covers the entire school year from October 2021 to June 2022, aimed at low-income and vulnerable profiles in schools in three areas of Spain:

  • Rural areas in Galicia and Asturias affected by isolation and the lack of nearby quality basic services such as quality educational leisure, public transport network, access to technology and opportunities for local socio-economic development.
  • The North Zone neighborhood of Alicante, characterized by high social vulnerability: high level of unemployment, high rate of poverty, exclusion, delinquency and criminality, low qualification and a rate of premature abandonment of education of 15.50%.

[email protected] aims to awaken interest in technology in 48 children and adolescents belonging to families that are at risk of social exclusion. This initiative combines training in digital and technological skills, psychosocial support, academic-professional guidance and the promotion of digital professions, for which there is a growing supply in the labor market. In addition, the right to adequate nutrition will be promoted, through scholarships for healthy meals and snacks, so that basic needs are not an impediment in the educational process. At Globalvia we are very happy to be able to contribute our bit to make possible this beautiful project that offers new opportunities to children and adolescents who need it most and that is aligned with our strategic SDGs (4) Quality education and (5) Gender equality, as well as with the SDGs (1) End of poverty, (2) Zero Hunger, (10) Reduction of Inequalities and (17) Alliances to achieve the objectives.


About Ayuda en Acción:

Since 1981, Ayuda en Acción has focused its efforts on accompanying people from their childhood until they are able to take charge of their lives and transform their communities. Defend and act for the right to self-sufficiency of all people in all parts of the world, so that they achieve a dignified present and a future with opportunities. In 2020, it has supported more than 1.2 million people in 23 countries in Latin America, Africa and Europe.

It started its social action program in Spain and Portugal in 2013, since then it has promoted equal opportunities between children, youth and families in which they live in neighborhoods and areas where inequalities are most pressing. It acts to break down the barriers that prevent them from accessing inclusive and quality education and decent employment, aware that they are the most important tools to achieve a better future.


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