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24 June, 2019
Javier Pérez Fortea takes part in the 5th Global Engineering and Public Works Forum

Fundación Caminos and the School of Civil Engineers organized the 5th Global Engineering and Public Works Forum on 24th and 25th June in collaboration with the Menéndez Pelayo International University.


Javier Pérez Fortea during his speech at the V Global Forum of Engineering and Public Works.


Magdalena Palace in Santander was the chosen venue for this event, which has become a national and international benchmark and a meeting place for professionals, directors and managers of public administrations and private companies. Important people in the world of engineering and construction take part in this forum every year, and managers and experts of strategic sectors in which civil engineers place a leading role for change, and consequently for modernizing our environment.

At this fifth edition, the different conferences and round tables that were organized dealt with hugely relevant subjects such as climate change, mobility, smart cities, investment models, digital transformation and innovation, and the resilience of infrastructures.

The first day dealt with the first three subjects, for which Globalvia’s CEO, Javier Pérez Fortea, was invited to speak on the first of the forum’s tables: Equity management and investment models. He was joined by other companies and entities in the sector, who also outlined their views on the subject: ADIF, Seopan, Equipo Global de Transporte de la Corporación Financiera Internacional (IFC) and Asociación Española de Abastecimientos de Agua y Saneamiento (AEAS).

During his speech, Javier described Globalvia’s position in terms of existing investment models and how the company manages its assets.


Javier Pérez Fortea, CEO of Globalvia, together with the speakers at the discussion panel about Heritage Management and Investment Models.


Globalvia Communication Team