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30 November, 2020
In Globalvia we evolve our brand to highlight our commitment to mobility, innovation and the environment

At Globalvia we have taken a step forward by evolving our corporate visual identity. With this evolution, which has already been implemented in Corporation and that will progressively be applied to all our Concessions, we want to set the focus on the growing importance of mobility, innovation and environmental sustainability as determining factors when citizens choose how to move.

The new graphic representation maintains the symbolism of the letter “g” as a fusion of the globe and a road, elements that synthesize the global reach and specialization in infrastructures that define us. With this new design, from Globalvia we also want to denote the values that characterize us in the new times, which include being global, sustainable, mobile, dynamic, innovative and based on leadership. It is not so much about changing a symbol, but making it a symbol of change.

Sustainability and maximum respect for the environment are also core values through the range of colors of our new graphic identity. For two years, at Globalvia we have been world leaders in Sustainability in Highway Management, according to the international benchmark ranking prepared by the independent organization GRESB, created in 2009 by investors from around the world to measure environmental, social and corporate governance commitment.

With the evolution of our brand, at Globalvia we want to transmit our true essence and reflect who we are, what we do and how we do it. Passion, Commitment, Excellence and Solutions are the values that guide our steps and inspire our actions. And it is that, day by day, we work to provide opportunities and build bridges to new possibilities, always committed to giving the best of ourselves to provide solutions to our users, respecting the highest standards of ethics and responsibility.

We are the same as always, but we start this new stage with more enthusiasm than ever!