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29 November, 2019
Metro de Sevilla welcomes Telmo!

Telmo, Metro de Sevilla’s Chatbot, was officially presented to users on 29th November. This Chatbot is a form of artificial intelligence software designed to help users on the Seville railway simply by sending WhatsApp messages to the number 609 402 906.

Telmo will reply quickly with a simple answer to the most frequent queries about the suburban railway service from travelers on Metro de Sevilla. Queries related to train times and frequencies, traveling recommendations or service regulations are answered quickly. If Telmo does not know the answer to the query, it will refer the conversation to a person in the Customer Service Office and will pay attention to the reply in order to continue learning about the Metro and queries that Metro users have

To be more useful still, in addition to resolving queries, Telmo also carries out several functions to inform about when the next train will arrive, the remaining balance in Metro cards, how long journeys last or how to reach a station. This is all carried out by asking questions via WhatsApp.

This pioneer initiative is just a sample of Metro de Sevilla’s commitment to innovation applied to improve the user experience and is just one of the initiatives included in Globalvia’s global INNGLOVATION project.