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13 January, 2020
Globalvia accompanies Valerann at CES2020

From January 7 to 11, the CES -Consumer Electronics Show- was held in Las Vegas (USA), a massive consumer electronics event that brings together, for over 50 years, professionals in the world of technology and electronics of consumption. It is the place to be if you have something to say about this new digital era in which we live: big technology companies, global thinkers & gurus, startups,… In the end, a great think tank to reflect on the future of the technology.

Eureka Space of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas where the CES2020 took place

There are many innovations that since 1967 have been presented in this forum; Windows XP, Blu-ray, LED television or 3D printer. In this year’s edition there haven’t been major disruptive ads, but it has served to consolidate some well-known trends:

  • Democratization of innovation. Until recently, great innovations were only reserved for technology giants. The Eureka Space at the Venetian Hotel, where this congress was held, shows that start-ups are breaking the hegemony of the innovation of the big actors in big tech.
  • “Everywhere” concepts: this year we have seen less tangible reality (for example, launching cars, TVs, etc.) giving more prominence to the “concept” that helps us transport ourselves to the near future and see how different technological ideas will make our life easier. Will AVATAR change the driving of the future?
  • The magic of AI that nobody still dares to buy. Effectively, artificial intelligence is here to stay. However, it still has a little left to be mainstream.
  • And finally, perhaps the trend that affects us the most. Will autonomous cars need anything / anyone other than themselves? Will cars act as sensors or will infrastructure play a vital role in the introduction of autonomous driving?


From Globalvia, we are working on answering this last question. Our mission is to build the future of mobility with a connected and intelligent infrastructure. Therefore, we have had the pleasure of participating in the #CES2020 edition with the Smart45 project in which we collaborate with the Israeli startup Valerann, awarded as the most innovative startup #Bestofinnovation #CES2020. The objective of this Smart45 collaborative project is to provide real-time information to the control center and the road user. Through an analytical solution and the internet of things, sensors powered by solar energy will provide information both managers and drivers on aspects that are happening in the infrastructure.

Presentation of the Smart45 project by Valerann at CES2020


Do you want to know the project? Stay tuned!!

Ángela Montánchez – Innovation and Transformation Manager